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4/9/11 Tribute Story


The Story of the 911 Mission

Today is the 9 year anniversary of one of the biggest days in my family's history!

April 9th 2011 was the day we moved out of our home and set out to live life on a 911 mission to help people full time.

We left the security and certainty of our jobs and dreams, planned future and business inheritance, for what we believed was God’s dream for our lives.

We left a steady future and paychecks for a new dream, one that would require great sacrifice.
Money and security are idols in our society. “Knowing our future” and having a plan are too!
The idols had to die for this dream to come true.

We were called to go from “my father's house” to a new land that God would eventually show us. (Genesis 12:1,2)

This would require 100% trust in God (as best as we knew how). When you are called to trust that means you don’t get to see the map ahead of time. You just have to go no matter where the map may lead.

For years prior to this...

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